Excavation 101


Q: How do you determine what a project will cost?

A: The cost of any given project depends on the size and type of equipment required for the job and the amount of topsoil that needs to be removed, in addition to other materials required. Call us to set up a free consultation or to include us in your bidding process. We appreciate your business!

Q: Do you provide clearing and stump removal of the sites you develop?

A: Yes, we have expertise in clearing and stump removal and provide this seevice as part of all project bids if requested.

Q: Do you clear land even if you are not doing the site work?

A: Yes, we are fully equipped to clear trees and provide stump removal in preparation for any site development you may have.

Q: What type of equipment do you have?

A: We own and operate one of the widest selection of excavation equipment available in the Greater RICHMOND area - excavators, loaders, off road trucks, pans, dozers, skid steer, minis, and more!